Bridging the gap - classroom to yacht

September 2017

As the industry expands and matures, it is also becoming more professional and in turn there are demands on crew to perform at ever-higher standards. With STCW ...

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Time - we never have enough!

July 2017

Time is a unique resource, we all have the same amount, but we cannot store it or save it up. It is easily wasted, and if we ...

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Inducting New Crew - Getting new crew to see things your way!

June 2017

Having worked with many yachts and crews, it is interesting to hear about the different approaches which are used to induct new crew. Do you give them ...

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Are you a Leader or a Manager?!

May 2017

"So what’s the difference between a leader and a manger”, I hear you ask? Tell me how many great leaders dead or alive can you name? Ten, ...

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Managing Diverse Age Ranges Aboard

April 2017

When I stepped ashore the island of Vava’u in Tonga, as a fresh, young diving instructor (too many years ago for comfort), the only place to get ...

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Developing Crew Stability - Survey

March 2017

In 2016 we conducted a survey to identify the root causes of crew turnover, with 64% of junior crew leaving as a direct result of the leadership ...

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Upcoming Events

If you’d rather find us at an event near you, then here are the places we’ll be in the next few months.

HELM Operational

13 15 October 2017

Impact Crew will be running HELM Operational at UKSA starts on 13 October 2017 - just 3 days. Book your place now!

Monaco Yacht Show

27 -30 Sept 2017

Imapct Crew will be attending the show. Time is always at a premium, reserve your slot - see you there!