End of season decision – do I keep crew or go skeleton?

September 2021

End of season decision – do I keep crew or go skeleton? As we approach the end of the season, many Captains will need to make some tough ...

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Time – we never have enough!

July 2021

Time is a unique resource, we all have the same amount, but we cannot store it or save it up. It is easily wasted, and if we ...

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Improving Performance

June 2021

How do you reduce the time it takes to get tasks done? When a crew first comes together they are not as efficient as they are by ...

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Creating the ‘right’ culture.

May 2021

What is the ‘right’ culture for your yacht? It won’t be the same everywhere you go. The yacht, the owner, the guests, not to mention the senior ...

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Games People Play

April 2021

Have you ever asked a question of someone, and by the way they answered felt stupid? Have you ever had a go at someone and felt guilty afterwards? Have ...

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It's lonely at the Top

March 2021

This phrase has been uttered so many times by Captains and CEO’s alike. Who do you speak to when you are the person at the top? As ...

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