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Karen Passman

Karen is the founder of Impact Crew and has extensive’ experience developing managers, leaders and professionals, through facilitation, training, 1:1 coaching and assessment. She has a passion for developing people which is evident in her positive, enthusiastic and supportive style of delivery. She has consulted across a wide range of industry sectors, both in the UK and abroad. Karen’s aim is:- “to create a relevant, enjoyable and highly participative event, which gives you practical tools that are truly valuable in the work place”.

Karen’s expertise traverses the maritime industry and corporate world, where she provides management and leadership development as well as team building to a broad range of clients. Karen launched Impact Crew in 2007 and is determined to provide high quality leadership development for the Maritime Industry. Karen has designed and regularly delivers the MCA HELM (human element, leadership and management) operational and management courses, as well as PYA accredited courses.

Paul Bennett

Paul has 15 years’ experience in developing senior managers, leaders and professionals, across a broad range of industries. He is a high energy presenter, who blends theory with pragmatic application, bringing it to life with examples from the corporate, military and maritime worlds. He is also a renowned and sought after motivational speaker.

In addition to consulting, Paul is Principal of Metis Business Academy and Director of Executive Education at the University of Southampton. Paul is very much at the forefront of learning innovation and has designed and delivered executive development programmes globally. Paul’s philosophy is to create programmes that are going to make a difference, often tackling the difficult topics that are getting in the way of performance. Paul is a regular writer in leadership and management journals and is a sought after conference speaker, delivering key messages that move the audience to action.

Clare Neal

Clare is a highly experienced Executive Coach, with a proven track record of enabling those she coaches to achieve significant, sustained, developmental transformation in both their own performance and that of the businesses they run. Working both in the UK and abroad, Clare’s style has been described as focussed, intuitive and courageous.

Clare coaches leaders and senior managers up to and including Board level. Clare’s clients have a wide variety of coaching goals ranging from leading through major change programmes to improving stakeholder relations. Clare also works with Senior Teams and Boards to enable them to achieve high performance, creating robust strategies to ensure they achieve their organisational goals, and inspire and motivate their people.

Jan Abbey

Jan is an experienced executive coach and has specialised in leadership and team development for the past 18 years. She enjoys working with teams and individuals at all levels to help them achieve their very best. Jan is recognised for her positive, enthusiastic and supportive style and as a coach, is quick to build rapport and trust with her clients.

As a coach, Jan works at all levels in organisations and her coaching assignments cover a range of industries including professional services (legal and accountancy), communications, technology, financial services (insurance, retail and investment banking), transport, media, retail, utilities, pharmaceuticals, charities and the public sector. Jan’s multi-sector experience along with her extensive international work enables her to coach leaders and teams for the challenges that Leaders afloat experience.

Sean Foley

Sean is a dedicated trainer and coach with 30 years of real world experience, bringing together his military, business and life experience to support teams and individuals to perform at their peak. His breadth and depth of experience coupled with his passion for helping others succeed in extreme environments underpins his proven ability to understand, engage and empower teams, managers and leaders alike to achieve the results they need.

Sean works with leaders, managers and teams, developing emotional intelligence to achieve high performance and excellence. A certified Behavioural Profiler Sean combines his wealth of knowledge and experience to push teams and individuals to unlock their potential, progressing them from good to great, to excellent. “As a Royal Marine Commando, I experienced first-hand how some leaders inspired people to give blood, sweat and tears to achieve an objective and how others repeatedly failed to gain the team’s respect. Similarly I have witnessed million dollar deals won or lost based on the levels of emotional intelligence in the decision makers around the negotiation table.”

Julia Matheson

Julia is an experienced coach and trainer. She believes in promoting innovation and creativity to encourage people to reach their full potential. In an increasingly demanding, and flexible workplace Julia works with individuals and organisations to create a more meaningful and fulfilling work experience.

Julia’s experience spans a wide range of organisations, including IBM, Zurich Financial Services, Boeing, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Group and the NHS. Julia is currently working with staff, undergraduates and postgraduate students to develop a student coaching programme for Portsmouth Business School. Julia is a member of the Association for Coaching and is bound by their code of conduct and professional ethics.

Sue Gravells

Sue is an experienced Executive and Leadership Coach, specialising in supporting individuals as they transition through their careers, overcoming adversity and achieving high performance. An accomplished facilitator and trainer, working with teams to board level, Sue has extensive experience of consulting across a wide range of industry sectors, both in the UK and abroad, including the Cruise Ship sector. Sue’s style has been described as high energy and pragmatic, while maintaining the human touch.

Andy Matheson

Andy has in excess of 20 years’ experience training, coaching and developing senior managers, leaders and professionals. Andy applies his creative energy into developing products and new approaches to learning, facilitation and coaching. He is the author of several publications including “The Leadership Coach”, “The Strategic Map Model”, “The Change Leadership Model” and the “Executive Presence Model”.

Andy divides his time between coaching individuals, leadership training and building teams. Andy challenges individuals and teams to identify specific actions that they can immediately put into practice.

Will Karlsen

Will has 20 years’ experience as a Coach and Leadership Development Consultant and draws on his expertise from a range of previous careers, including manager, actor and chef (also on board superyachts). Combining these experiences with a deep interest in behavioural psychology has enabled him to bring real-life and academic understanding to his coaching.

Will helps clients to develop deep understanding of how their behaviour, emotions and intentions play out and how to practically develop new techniques and strategies. His style is challenging and engaging, and helps people discover new insights in order to start doing the things that they think they could, should or need to do, but don’t.

Emily Caruso

Emily works as a freelance management consultant, as well as instructing to RYA Ocean Yachtmaster.  Emily facilitates team working both on board and in the classroom, as well as skippering for a range of high profile clients.

Emily is an engaging, passionate and dynamic presenter and her style engenders a positive working and learning environment. Emily’s previous experiences in the business world provide an excellent foundation from which to apply direct comparisons and learning. Emily is also one of the team who co-delivers the HELM Operational and Management courses for Impact Crew.