Bullying & Harassment

May 2018

Amendments to the MLC 2006 convention aimed to better protect seafarers against harassment on board will come into force by December 2018. Under the new guidance, harassment ...

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Increasing Crew Productivity

April 2018

We know that working with the dream team results in the impression that the job is easier, although nothing in the work itself has changed. The difference ...

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Great Mentors - could you be one?

March 2018

How much learning occurs on the job? We know that a ‘greeny’ fresh out of school and clutching their STCW will join your vessel keen as mustard ...

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Leading Millennials

February 2018

So what is a ‘Millennial’ and what makes them so different and difficult to manage compared to previous generations? Words that are often used to describe Millennials include ...

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New Leaders - the challenges of stepping up

December 2017

The transition to management isn’t easy. You are promoted because you have at last mastered all the technical aspects of your previous role, only now your undertaking ...

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Brand, Image and Reputations

November 2017

We normally think of a “brand” as something which only relates to business, but today almost everyone has a personal brand. It’s often not something we have ...

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Upcoming Events

If you’d rather find us at an event near you, then here are the places we’ll be in the next few months.

Crew Connect Europe - Hamburg

23-24 May 2018

We wil be attending and presenting at the Crew Onnect Conference in Hamburg next week. Impact Crew is part of the research team which is led by Solent University, the foundation is co-funding this work along with the TK Foundation. We will be in Hamburgfor both days, presenting on Wedensday at 1650. We look forward to seeing you there.

In Palma

Wk 14th May 2018

We will be in Palma until Thursday, give Karen a call to discuss how Impact Crew can help kick start your season!